Earthmoving Fasteners

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Earthmoving fasteners are ever-increasing in demand throughout Australia.. These fasteners are specifically designed for use on earthmoving equipment, made from high performance and high tensile alloy steel to ensure strength and reliability in the most demanding environments. 

Earthmoving fasteners are used to repair earthmoving and industrial equipment including on track shoes / plates, belly plates, track and cab guards, as well as cutting edges and ground engaging tools / GET. Available in various lengths and thicknesses, these fasteners are capable of securing massive pieces of earthmoving equipment with ease and reliability.

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We understand not all earthmoving equipment is created equal and various equipment manufacturers have different designs and requirements when it comes to fasteners for guarding, track shoes and cutting edges. However, we have thousands of earthmoving fasteners and related products to choose from online, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit online with ReFast.

  • Plow bolts/cutting edge bolts: Plow bolts (also known as cutting edge bolts) are used to secure cutting edges on ground engaging tools (GET) such as grader blades, dozer blades, scraper buckets, excavator and front loader buckets and more. With a raised countersunk design, these earthmoving fasteners allow smooth flow of material past the cutting edge and also have the strength to match the requirements of cutting edges in abrasive and high impact environments.
  • Plow (hex) nuts: These hexagonal nuts are manufactured specifically to pair with plow / cutting edge bolts to ensure integrity of the connection.
  • Track bolts: These bolts, most commonly with a raised / rounded hex design are specially produced for the connection of track shoes / plates onto earthmoving equipment track chains. Track bolts have the strength and quality to ensure that earthmoving track assemblies perform reliably without failures under extremely high loads.
  • Track (square) nuts: These track square nuts are manufactured specifically for track bolt assemblies and ensure strenth and reliability in the bolted connection.

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