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Need Flanged Purlin Bolts for your construction project? Refast has them ready to go!

Purlin Bolts, most commonly flanged purlin bolt assemblies which consist of a flanged head bolt with a matching flanged nut, are widely used in general construction and shed building.

Purlin bolts and flanged purlin bolt assemblies, which are a commercial grade steel, are available from Refast with a zinc plated coating. Other coatings are available by request including hot dip galvanized or in higher strength classes — contact Refast today and ask for a quotation for your next project.

Flanged purlin bolts and purlin bolt assemblies are used to connect steel sections in sheds and commercial structures such as z purlins, top hats and RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) when building a shed kit or steel kit home as well as general steelwork connections such as mounting ute trays and steel bodies to a vehicle chassis.

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