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Perfect Your Bearings With Quality Accessories

With bearings from Refast, you’re on track to be a winner — but add our bearing accessories into the mix and it’s success all the way. With a wide selection to choose from, you can optimise and even enhance the performance of your bearings across an extensive range of applications.

Which Accessories Do Your Bearings Need?

Along with bearing housings, our collection of bearing accessories gives you greater control and customisation of your bearings in just about any application or industry. This includes:

  • Shaft collars to securely position and hold components in place throughout use.
  • Lock nuts to lock those bearings onto the shaft, stopping them from loosening due to vibrations and rotations as part of everyday use.
  • Adaptor sleeves to mount different bearings where you need them, including tapered bore bearings.
  • Housing U-seals to keep your bearings’ interior free from contaminants, while keeping the lubrication safely inside where it can help your bearing ensure the best performance possible.
  • Housing spacer rings to improve bearing performance in certain situations.
  • Tab washers to fasten other accessories, like lock nuts and bearing sleeve adaptors, securely to your bearing.

So which accessories do you need?

Bearings & Housings & Rods: Oh, My!

Perhaps of all the bearing accessories available, rod ends are what you’re after. These critical components attach to different machines and devices, for which reason it’s best to select your rod end with care. Composed of stainless steel, which is durable enough to lend to optimal performance, Refast rod ends are as high-quality and reliable as they are affordable. Use them in industrial, manufacturing and aerospace engineering applications, among others.

Whichever bearing or bearing accessory you’re using, it usually helps to hold them in place with bearing housings. Not only do bearing housings stabilise your bearings, but they can also add an extra layer of protection against corrosion or external elements. Stock up on bearings and bearing accessories today.