Pilot Bore Sprockets BS

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At Refast, we have an extensive pilot bore sprocket collection ready to be your ideal solution. From industrial to auto machinery, our sprockets offer some of the best value around.

Shape Your Sprocket to Suit Your Needs

Just like our taperlock sprockets, our pilot bore sprockets come in single, double and triple configurations. Additionally, these chain sprockets are available in a variety of pitches to ensure you get the perfect fit. All you need to do is pick your sprocket, then choose a pilot to fit. Our pilot bore sprockets have been designed to give you maximum flexibility and versatility with easy installation every time. You’ll be able to swap out the size of your shaft without needing to change the sprocket, saving you time and money. However, if you can’t find the sprocket you’re after in our collection, don’t worry! You can always get in touch with us and we can organise a special order to suit your needs.

Need Some Extras?

There are all sorts of sprockets on the market, and pilot bore sprockets are just one of the types available at Refast. If you want to get things moving, we also have taperlock sprockets available. Oftentimes, these parts go hand-in-hand with taper locking bushes; when used together, these two can hold in place and affix a shaft. You may want these two around if you’re putting together a pulley. Roller chains, on the other hand, are more directly involved in generating movement. You’ll often find them moving a conveyor belt by repeatedly rotating.

Why Refast Goes Best

Refast supplies engineering tools and supplies on a global scale. Our online store has everything from pilot bore sprockets (also known as chain sprockets) to roller chains, and we can help engineers with everything from personal pursuits up to industry projects. We only stock equipment from the best brands and manufacturers because we believe in high quality and optimal performance. Put us to the test and you’ll soon see why Refast goes best.

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With amazing customer service and impressive delivery times, you’ve got nothing to lose — and everything to gain — from shopping at Refast. Check out our range of pilot bore sprockets and whatever else you need to tick off your next task. Get clicking and order your favourite pilot bore sprocket today! The Refast team is always happy to assist you with any stage of the shopping process.