Electrical Cord Reels

Quality Electric Cord Reels for Sale

Whether you're in an industrial setting, workshop, or commercial environment, our electric cord reels offer a reliable solution to keep your workspace safe and efficient. When electric cables and cords are left lying around, they can cause a number of issues, including clutter and disorganisation. Additionally, it can be really easy to damage your cables when they’re left on the floor, and this can result in a potential electrocution. With a Recoila electrical cord reel from Refast, you can trust that your cables and cords are stored safely when not in use, reducing the risk of potential hazards. Our electric cordreels are retractable, intuitive and made from quality materials, so you can rest assured they’ll do the trick and last a long while. No matter how unlikely an accident may seem, you should never compromise on safety—and this is why you should check out our range at Refast.

Our Huge Range of Hose Reels

When it comes to choosing good-quality products, it’s important to have standards. You don’t want to invest in something that doesn’t exactly meet your needs, or settle for a product that does an adequate job rather than an exceptional one. At Refast, we offer a wide range of products for this very reason—so that you can find the tool or accessory that perfectly fulfils its intended purpose. Our collection of retractable hose reels are a great example of this, as within this collection, we have a number of specific varieties. For instance, a grease hose reel must be designed to withstand the texture of grease, requiring a robust construction and specialised materials to prevent clogging. A retractable hot water hose reel, on the other hand, needs to handle high temperatures without warping or compromising its integrity, necessitating heat-resistant materials. Similarly, a wall mounted water hose reel must be space-saving and easy to install, offering convenient access to water while keeping the hose neatly stored when not in use. Whatever the application, you can trust that ReFast has the right tool for the task at hand.

Why Buy from Refast?

Refast excels in every aspect of the industry, offering top-quality products and unparalleled service. With a wide-ranging catalogue featuring bearings, power transmission products, and engineering supplies sourced from leading manufacturers globally, we guarantee reliability and performance. Our extensive experience in the field, combined with efficient delivery services, ensures prompt access to the products you need. Above all, our dedication to exceptional customer service sets us apart, ensuring your satisfaction with every interaction. Choose Refast for quality, range, speed, experience, and outstanding customer service—all in one place.

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If you care about safeguarding your equipment and protecting the people in your space, you need an electric cord reel. Check out our collection online and enjoy efficient cable and cord management.