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If you’re tired of tangled hoses and cluttered workspaces, say goodbye to the hassle with our top-of-the-line retractable hose reels. At Refast, our reels are engineered for maximum convenience and efficiency, providing seamless storage and dispensing of hoses for a wide range of applications. With their durable construction and easy-to-use design, they are the perfect companion for any workshop or garage. It is designed purely to keep your workspace organised and hazard-free. Upgrade your hose management system today and experience the difference it makes in your productivity and workflow.

Our Huge Range of Hose Reels

H2: Our Huge Range of Hose Reels At Refast, we're not just about providing exceptional retractable hose reels. We take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of top-quality products to meet all your industrial and engineering needs. From water hose reels designed for efficient irrigation to gas hose reels ensuring safety in various applications, we've got you covered. Need a solution for handling hot water with ease? Explore our retractable hot water hose reels for seamless operation in demanding environments. And for added convenience and efficiency, consider our electric cord reels, designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity. At Refast, we're committed to delivering excellence across our entire range of products, including bearings, power transmission equipment, oil seals, o-rings, and a wide array of engineering supplies. Explore our online catalogue today and discover how Refast can meet your every need.

Why Refast?

At ReFast—Australia's premier source of bearings, power transmission products, oil seals, and engineering supplies—we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched convenience and quality to our customers. With a 100% Australian heritage and a global reach, ReFast is part of a vast network that sources components of the highest calibre. When we receive components from leading manufacturers worldwide, our dedicated team ensures that these items meet every requirement. We pride ourselves on our precision and expertise, which guarantees that you get the best products. So if it’s small projects you’re tackling or the management of major industry needs, trust ReFast to provide the quality, service, and product range that sets us apart.

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Whether you need gas, oil or water hose reels, Refast is the home of high-quality hose reels. Explore our full product range today and buy the best hose reel you’ll ever own at Refast.