Unground Bearings

Need Unground PlainBearings for Your Next Job?

When it comes to sourcing bearings in Australia, including unground bearings, Refast is the only name you’ll need to remember. With a wide range of bearings and bearing accessories to choose from, you can find a quality and reliable bearing in a matter of minutes through our online store. This includes our standout unground ball bearings!

Choose Unground Bearings for a Variety of Manufacturing & Agricultural Needs

For low-precision and low-speed work, you’d be hard pressed to find a better bargain or bearing than an unground bearing. These bearings are designed with load-carrying capacity in mind, along with enhanced wear resistance, to give you the reliability you need across a wide range of applications. From conveyor systems to trolleys to even wheelbarrow wheels, our unground ball bearings offer excellent tolerance and wear resistance under typical operating conditions for maximum value and efficiency. Plus, as they are available at Refast with zinc plating and rubber seals, you’re getting an even better and more effective product.

Beyond Unground Plain Bearings

If you want to get your hands dirty beyond unground ball bearings, Refast stocks a range of other bearing accessories fit for all different situations. If you’re working with high load-bearing systems, a spherical roller bearing may be more key to completing your project. The great thing about these parts is that they allow for a smoother rotation with minimal friction. A cylindrical roller bearing is similar in that it handles heavy loads, featuring a rolling element rather than balls. You can use these versatile bearings across many different applications and industries, from gearboxes to wind turbines.

Choose Refast for Your Next Project

Whether you’re looking for unground ball bearings or something else for your upcoming project, you can count on Refast for the best bearings Australia has ever seen. We stock everything from parts and accessories to workshop tools and equipment, all sourced from leading brands and manufacturers, so you know you’ll be working with the best-quality materials of the engineering world. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you need only call on one of our expert team members, who can track down and source that special item. Did we mention we ship Australia-wide at an affordable flat rate?

Shop Bearings & Beyond at Refast

If you’re sold on our unground ball bearings or other bearing accessories, check out our collection or website to find what you need. At Refast, we strive to provide top-tier products and excellent customer service. Gather the pieces and building blocks of your next big project today!