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Industrial Bench Grinder Australia

For both professional craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts, an industrial bench grinder is an invaluable tool. With its powerful motor and sturdy construction, an ITM bench grinder is great at sharpening tools, smoothing rough edges, and shaping metal or wood with precision. This versatility not only extends the life of your tools but also improves the quality of your work. Additionally, bench grinders are equipped with safety switches and safety features like eye shields to ensure a safe and user-friendly experience. At Refast, we have a range of bench grinders for sale, as well as bench grinder wheels, wheel dressers, wheel brushes, and stands. With products like these to do the heavy lifting, your home improvement plans will go smoother than ever.

Other Top Picks From Refast

If you’re interested in our bench grinders, you might also benefit from using our other heavy-duty tools and machinery. At Refast, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of such products, including engineering and measuring tools such as depth gauges, vee blocks, and hand scrapers. If drilling machines are what you need, you can browse our range of drill chucks, reduction sleeves, and pedestal drills. Our collection of cutting machines includes bandsaw machines and coldsaw machines, which are designed to complete precise cuts in various materials. We also have sharpening machines and spare parts such as replacement belts, diamond wheels, and tool sharpeners. Sourced from leading manufacturers, these tools are tried and tested to make sure they get the job done.

Get on That Grind!

If you’ve been searching for a bench grinder for sale, you can trust that Refast is the place to go. As suppliers of bearings and housings, power transmission products, oil seals and o-rings, bushes and sleeves, airline fittings, and engineering supplies, we do everything we can to support professionals and DIYers in their pursuits. We do our best to offer Australians a convenient way to source the highest-quality products by both national and international standards, harnessing a global network of leading manufacturers. Whether you want a heavy-duty bench grinder or bench grinder wheel, you’ll find the biggest and best range of options at Refast. Shop now!