Taper Lock Sprockets BS

Lock It Tight With Our Taperlock Sprockets

Get accurate and smooth locking action when you need it with Refast taperlock sprockets. Made from quality materials and carefully designed, these reliable sprockets can be used across a wide range of industries and applications. And the same goes for our collection of taper locking bushes!

Secure Fits Every Time

Refast’s range of taperlock sprockets offers excellent value and variety. We have options for single, double and triple configurations with various pitches to suit your shaft diameter. Each taperlock sprocket securely locks when you need it to through an efficient split in the taper and flange. This allows for faster, easier and more effective fitting across the board, while maintaining that smooth functioning and speed control. Similarly, you’ll find that our taperlock sprockets allow for improved centering. They also are an excellent choice for regular replacements or maintenance as the bore size can be changed without entirely replacing the sprocket.

Get More Done With More Engineering Equipment

If you need extra engineering equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Refast offers other equipment beyond taperlock sprockets, such as taper locking bushes—which are often part and parcel with the sprockets. Used for mechanical joining, these round pieces of equipment can affix a shaft to a sprocket or a pulley.

Some would say you can’t have one without the other! Pilot bore sprockets, on the other hand — a type of chain sprocket — are concerned more with facilitating movement of a chain with improved versatility for your needs. So, if you’re wanting to make some adjustments to shaft sizes, chain sprockets may be what you’re looking for. Roller chains, which are actual chains themselves, literally get things moving via rotation. When a conveyor belt moves, it owes much of this to a roller chain.

Shop Like an Engineer at Refast

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s that we know engineers. We source our high-quality and high-performance engineering supplies from the best manufacturers and brands. Whichever tools or supplies you’ve got your eye on, Refast has everything you need for your next small- or large-scale project. Tick off your next to-do with a taperlock sprocket from Refast!

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Whichever engineering tools or parts you need, you’ll be sure to find them in our online store. Browse our range of excellent taperlock sprockets, chain sprockets, and bearings in our extensive catalogue. With our fast delivery times and stellar customer service, you’ve really got nothing to lose. Don’t delay — choose Refast today! Our premium selection awaits.