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Investing in oil and grease hose reels from Refast is a decision that promises to streamline your maintenance operations and enhance efficiency in your workplace. Our retractable grease hose reel features an auto-rewind mechanism designed to extend hose life and increase convenience during grease dispensing. With its easy-to-operate design, simply pull out the desired length of the hose, and the ratchet mechanism locks it in place. When finished, a gentle tug releases the ratchet, allowing the spring to coil the hose back onto the reel effortlessly. Crafted with a tough casing and reliable working parts, this reel is perfect for all industrial applications, ensuring reliable performance day in and day out. Similarly, our oil hose reel offers the same convenient functionality but is tailored for dispensing oil and antifreeze, providing versatility to meet a range of maintenance needs. Designed for durability and reliability, our oil and grease reels offer a convenient storage and dispensing solution for hoses in automotive, industrial, and manufacturing settings.

Reel In Even More at Refast

Wondering what else we have on offer? In terms of hose reels, oil and grease varieties are the tip of the iceberg—with high-quality gas hose reels and electrical cord reels also available. We additionally offer water hose reels, as well as retractable hot water hose reels for handling hoses required for steam cleaning, sanitation, or hot water pressure washing. Beyond hose reels, we have hoses and fittings, as well as ball bearings, roller bearings, insert bearings and more. We also have cutting and threading tools and products for workshop and engineering purposes. Whatever items you’re looking for, you can be confident that our products at Refast are among the finest you’ll find. We take immense pride in our precision and expertise, and these values are reflected in the quality of our products.

Reasons to Choose Refast

Why buy your oil, grease, gas, water or electric cord reel from Refast? We are your go-to destination for bearings, power transmission products, oil seals, and engineering supplies, and we are committed to delivering unparalleled convenience and excellence. With a rich Australian heritage and a global presence, ReFast is deeply embedded in a vast network that sources top-quality components from around the world. Our team meticulously inspects every item received from leading manufacturers to make sure they meet the highest standards. Overall, it is the range and reliability of our products that keep customers coming back—but there is also our unbeatable customer service. We take great care to make the Refast experience a good one, helping you source the right products for your needs.

Recoila Oil and Gas Hose Reels for Sale

Whether you need oil and grease hose reels, water hose reels, or anything else from our expansive catalogue, you’ll love our products at Refast. Have a scroll of our intuitive online store today and buy the hose reel you’ve always needed.