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Aluminium pulleys are one of the best options in Australia and the world when it comes to reducing the effort needed to lift and move heavy masses. With aluminium pulleys from a reputable supplier, you get a component that can handle that kind of weight without risk of failure. This makes things safer for yourself, others and any nearby machinery.

Why Choose Aluminium for Your Next Pulley Purchase?

While cast iron pulleys are also a viable option when it comes to lifting and moving heavy loads, there’s plenty to love when you’re working with aluminium pulley wheels.

For starters, the readily available and workable material means you’re getting a more affordable machinery component option. Plus, you won’t be cheaping out on an inferior part. Aluminium pulleys offer durability, reliability and flexibility. They also weigh less than other options and are a better choice if you’re looking to limit heat transfer. This might be due to concerns about machinery overheating or simply just needing to work reliably in a higher-heat environment.

Finally, an aluminium pulley wheel is a sustainable and responsible choice, as they can be recycled once they’ve reached the end of their useful life.

Solid Choices Beyond Aluminium Pulleys & Wheels

Oftentimes when you’re on the job, it’s actually humans who do the heavy lifting — or at least the mental heavy lifting. That’s why we stock a wealth of tools and equipment beyond aluminium and cast iron pulleys, as well. At Refast, we pride ourselves on providing the parts you need to power your current project, be that industrial or agricultural in nature. Be sure to dip into our range of power transmission tools and browse whatever couplings, chains, and drive belts, shafts, yokes and joints, along with mounts, taper lock bushes and key steel you need to tick off your next task.

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At Refast, we pride ourselves on ranking number one among Australia’s aluminium pulley suppliers. You need only browse our range of aluminium pulleys and wheels and acknowledge our breadth of product to realise that we pour—or, rather, pull—truckloads of effort into sourcing every style or variant of product you could need. On the off chance you can’t find what you’re looking for, know that our expert staff are just a phone call or message away. Reach out to us and we’ll see to it to source the specific part you’re seeking.

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