Taper Lock Bushes





Lock It Up Tight With Our Taper Locks

Our taperlock bushes are the ideal way to securely join a shaft to a sprocket or aluminum pulley. They offer you flexibility and versatility with a powerful clamp-like fit that you can trust.

Why You Always Need a Taper Lock or Two Around

With taper lock bushes, you have a convenient, easy-to-use option to join shafts to sprockets or pulleys. This can be indispensable if the component needs to be joined to a range of shaft sizes at different times in the process. Similarly, a taperlock bush can be a cost-effective alternative to having a custom joining made, or even as an interim solution while you wait for that new part. Being able to reduce or entirely avoid delays can make having a spare taper lock lying around incredibly valuable.

When you shop the Refast range of taper locking bushes, you’ll see convenience and reliability is paramount for us. All our taper locks are made to be easy to use, adjust and remove, without compromising that strong fit you need for machinery. Plus, with lots of different options to choose from and having been machined for exact tolerances, you can find the perfect fit too.

Find Everything You Need for Simple & Complex Mechanical Endeavours

At Refast, we’re proud of our extensive range of bearings and mechanical parts. Each product delivers an optimal performance to best suit your needs, from shaft misalignment to maximum power transmission. Like our taper locking bushes, all these parts are made to be highly durable, giving you maximum value for your money, as well as reducing associated maintenance costs and time. Additionally, they have been made with easy and convenient installation in mind, so you can get to work sooner.

With such a comprehensive range, we aim to provide a solution for any problem you’re having. For instance, our rubber vibration mounts have been specially designed to minimise premature wear and tear caused by machine vibrations, while also reducing noise and transmitted vibration where possible. Similarly, our cylindrical roller bearings have been made with optimum axial movement in mind, enhancing the performance of precision tools.

And if there isn’t something that suits across our catalogue, our experienced team is ready to find just what you need. We have specialist sourcing options available to ensure that you can get your machinery working just as it should. All you need to do is get in touch and let us know what you’re after.

It’s Time for Taper Locks!

For a secure fit that won’t shake loose, be sure to use Refast’s range of taperlock bushes.