Self Aligning Ball Bearings

Achieve High Speeds With Our Self Aligning Ball Bearings

When you need a bearing with reduced friction and the ability to handle angular misalignment, you can rely on our selection of self aligning bearings. Useful across a wide range of industries, from textile manufacturing to use as agricultural bearings, Refast’s range is made to go the distance with minimal maintenance needed.

Get to Know Our Self Aligning Bearings

Available as an open or sealed self aligning bearing, our range is made to give you a stand-out performance time after time, even after long periods of use at high speed. This is because self aligning bearings generate less friction than their roller counterparts; it’s all down to the reduced conformity between the balls and the outer ring. As a result, they run cooler, even when at high speed. Therefore, they can be a great help when it comes to improving uptime and productivity. Plus, operating at those lower temperatures ensures they last longer and need less maintenance across the course of their life.

Our bearings are best used in circumstances where there is static or dynamic misalignment, such as when it is difficult to align the shaft or housing, or the shaft may bend. In this way, they’re similar to spherical roller bearings as they are able to self align. However, our self aligning bearings are a better option when you’re working with lighter loads and need that high speed of rotation. They can be used in complex machinery and simple fans and blowers, helping to reduce noise and vibration, while also ensuring a steady performance.

Need More Than Self Aligning Bearings?

If self aligning bearings won’t quite cut it for this project, don’t worry. At Refast, we have a wide range of other bearings and fittings to suit just about every application you can think of. For instance, if versatility is the name of the game, try our wide inner ring bearings. Alternatively, if you need to maximise thrust load transfer without shaft drifting, our thrust bearings could be just the thing.

Regardless of the bearing you choose, when you shop at Refast you’re getting a quality product that’s made for optimal performance and enhanced durability. We only stock bearings and products you can rely on, so you can shop, build and manufacture with confidence.

Find Your Ultimate Self Aligning Bearings Now

When you need self aligning ball bearings, Refast is the name to trust.