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Taper Your Rollouts With These Roller Bearings

When regular roller bearings just won’t do, you need tapered roller bearings. What sets these bad boys apart from the rest is—as their name may suggest—the tapered nature of its roller, though that is just one part of the four-piece puzzle. Essentially, tapered roller bearings have a four-part cup-and-cone structure, the cup comprising an outer ring and the cone assembly consisting of an inner ring, the aforementioned roller, and a cage. The cup houses the cone, and all four parts of the tapered roller bearing fit together, the larger parts containing the smaller parts, not unlike babushka dolls. If you want to accommodate combined loads and provide minimal friction throughout operation, tapered roller bearings are the bearings you’ll want to go with.

Roller Bearing Capers: When To ‘Taper’

Tapered roller bearings are not the only bearings around, and you may be wondering when to use these rather than—say, for example—cylindrical roller bearings. When you need to handle loads both radial and axial, the tapered inner rings of these roller bearings are what you’ll need to distribute even loads across rolling elements. Compared with regular roller bearings, Team Taper is in a better position to withstand the forces associated with such loads. Aside from the advantages of adjustability, reduced friction and a higher thrust load capacity, the other advantage of tapered roller bearings is their inherent self-alignment. This means that they can accommodate minor misalignments in the mounting or assembly of a project.

Roller Bearings for When You’re Done Tapering

No matter how much you need a roller bearing that tapers, tapered roller bearings are ultimately just one four-part piece of the overall puzzle. At Refast, we stock all the bearings and sprockets and parts you’ll need for whatever engineering project you’re working on. If a roller bearing with a touch of tapering is not quite right for your project, perhaps cylindrical roller bearings will do the trick. Alternatively, you may want to check out our thrust bearings, which are fantastic for providing full axial load support.

Get the Tapered Thrust Bearings You Need at Refast

Whatever you need for your next project, you can count on Refast to stock the goods. Not only do we have all the tapered roller bearings you’ll need, but we also have every variation imaginable. If, perchance, you can’t see what you’re looking for, you can always reach out to our expert staff, who would be more than happy to special-order what you need. At Refast, we want to equip you with the equipment required for heavy-duty engineering. Check out our collection today!