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Restock Your Rod Ends at Refast

When you need rod end bearings in Australia, there’s only one place to go: Refast! With a wide variety of rod ends to suit just as many industries and applications, you’re sure to find the perfect rod ends to match your ball joints and more.

Get to Know the Refast Rod End Bearing Range

As critical components in various machinery and mechanical devices, it pays to be picky with your rod ends. Luckily, at Refast, you’re dealing with one of the best ranges in Australia. All our rod ends are made from quality stainless steel to give you maximum durability and performance, while balancing affordability.

Across the Refast rod end range you’ll find options for almost every engineering space, from industrial and manufacturing to even race cars and aerospace. This includes both male and female rod ends with left or right-hand threads. You can also choose between studded or hydraulic weld-on or clamped varieties to ensure a seamless fit. Additionally, our rod ends range includes a wide selection of sizes, with both metric and imperial dimensions. Finally, our rod ends come with different load ratings. However, if you can’t find one that suits your needs, please get in touch and we can look at specially sourcing a solution for you. We can also do the same if you need any additional bearing accessories to complete your project.

Beyond Rod End Bearings

Of course, if you’re working on an engineering project, you’ll likely need parts beyond rod end bearings. Luckily, Refast also stocks a range of different types of bearings—as well as bearing accessories—to allow for a well-rounded experience. While rod end bearings are a more slender bearing, wide inner ball bearings will fill more circular space and take heavier loads. They are great for ensuring optimal speed rotations and minimal friction.

Thrust bearings, on the other hand, are the great correctors. They can manage errors with mounting or a misaligned shaft. If you do farm-specific work, agricultural bearings will be more your speed. They are easy to grease up and use for all agricultural work, such as ploughing. There are many parts to Refast’s online store, indeed.

Why Rely on Refast Over the Others?

Refast understands engineers. We know your time is precious—and that’s why we work to provide stellar customer service and speedy turnaround times. Our tools, supplies, and bearing accessories are top-of-the-line from the best manufacturers and brands. So, why not browse our online store to discover our broad range of bearings and engineering equipment?