Gas Hose Reels

Reap the Benefits of Recoila Gas Hose Reels

Safety is paramount when handling gases, and our gas hose reels are here to ensure peace of mind in your workplace. Crafted with robust construction and built-in safety features, these reels provide secure storage and controlled dispensing of gas hoses in a range of environments. For example, you might require a gas hose to dispense propane, oxygen, acetylene and argon for the purposes of cutting and welding. If you work in a winery, you may also require hoses for blanketing vats and tanks with CO2 and nitrogen during various processes. Whatever gases you’re dealing with, our retractable gas hose reels offer reliable performance and minimise the risk of accidents or leaks. Explore our range of gas hose reels today and complement them with our extensive lineup of engineering supplies for a safer and more efficient work environment.

Bearing, Power Transmission and Engineering Supplies for Sale

Refast is Australia's ultimate one-stop destination for a wide array of products, including bearings and housings, power transmission products, oil seals and o-rings, bushes and sleeves, airline fittings, and engineering supplies. Moreover, you can find a whole collection of hose reels within this wide-ranging catalogue. If you’re in the market for water hose reels, for example, we have a range of options that’ll fit perfectly amongst your garden supplies set up. We also have oil hose reels for applications requiring the dispensing of oil and antifreeze. When it comes to more demanding tasks involving hot water, our retractable hot water hose reels are very helpful—engineered to withstand elevated temperatures. And you can’t forget our electric cord reels, which simplify hose handling for ultimate convenience and efficiency. Whatever variety you need, you can’t deny that Refast is the best place to buy hose reels online.

Too Good to be Reel

So why do customers love Refast? As a member of a worldwide network of bearing and power transmission experts, Refast grants you access to top-tier products sourced globally. Our catalogue is also complemented by local knowledge and proficiency. With a dedicated team of experts working behind the scenes, we make sure to get efficient, safe and long-lasting products delivered to you in no time, every time. Whether you're embarking on small-scale projects or managing large-scale industrial needs, you can rely on Refast to provide the goods.

How (Re)fast Can You Get Here?

For exceptional quality, unbeatable service and an impressive product range, you can’t go past Refast. Explore our website today and buy the best retractable gas hose reel for your needs.