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Insert Bearings & Housings

Insert bearings and housings are handy components that offer easy installation and dependable performance in various industries. Unlike regular bearings, insert bearings are designed to fit right into a housing without any fuss, making them perfect for jobs in agriculture, food processing, printing and more. What’s great about insert bearings is that you can simply slip them onto the shaft and lock them in place using setscrews or a locking device—no need for special tools. Plus, they’re tough cookies, able to handle bigger loads than standard ball bearings. So, if you want smooth operations and lasting reliability for your machinery, insert ball bearings are the way to go.

The Best Source of Bearings

Fortunately for consumers, we have a whole range of insert bearings and housings here at ReFast. This carefully curated selection includes radial insert ball bearings and plummer block bearing housings, as well as premium closed covers and rubber seals for housings. On that note, our assortment of housings includes stainless steel, cast iron, thermoplastic, zinc alloy and pressed metal varieties. Much like our roller bearings, plain bearings and all our bearing accessories, these products are of the highest possible quality. Sourced from a global network of tried-and-tested manufacturers, our insert bearings and housings meet every standard.

Why ReFast?

If you’re wondering why you should choose ReFast, let us illuminate. As you know, we supply a wide range of insert, plain and roller bearings and housings, all of which are long-lasting and reliable. We are also Australia’s most comprehensive source of power transmission products, oil seals and o-rings, bushes and sleeves, and airline fittings and engineering supplies. This means that when it comes to power transmission and engineering, we know what we’re talking about. For everything from small projects to major industry applications, our team of professionals can help you find the perfect solutions for your needs. Plus, we offer exceptional customer service—with quick delivery times and stress-free shopping.

Buy Insert Bearings & Housings Today

Whether you’re after plain bearings or plummer block housings, you’ll find your ideal products at ReFast. All our bearings are expertly designed for ease and durability, so you won’t have to worry. Browse our range today for top-quality bearings and housings!