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Discover Couplings You Can Count On at Refast

With our wide range of drive and shaft couplings, you can ensure the efficient and effective transmission of power and motion from Point A to Point B in your machinery. So, if a drive belt isn’t the right fit, couplings could be just what you need.

Power Up With Shaft & Motor Couplings

At its essence, couplings transmit power and motion between shafts. However, as you can imagine, there’s a wide range of ways this transfer needs to occur with plenty of other parts and elements to consider. This is why our couplings collection is so extensive, aiming to provide you with a robust selection of drive, shaft and motor couplings to choose from. So, you can expect to find options for flexible couplings to best manage misalignment, along with rigid couplings to get maximum torque. We also have options that are excellent for shock absorption, while also limiting vibration and torsional oscillations. Whichever coupling you choose though, you can be confident that it has been designed and made for an easy installation and max useful life.

Keep Things Moving With Refast

When you’re looking to transfer power and ensure everything is steadily moving along, we have a host of options to choose from. Along with our quality-made drive belts, we also have a wide range of roller chains. Available in different lengths, pitches and widths, you’re bound to find the chain that you need. Plus we have easy-to-use connecting links available as well, so you can create a truly unique system that best satisfies your needs.

Explore Bearings, Belts & More

The complete Refast range is made to make your life easier. From durable bearings that are made with minimal maintenance in mind to secure and convenient safety gear to keep yourself and other workers safe, our catalogue is jam-packed with unbeatable products from leading manufacturers here and overseas. It’s all part of the Refast service. Whether it’s fast, flat-rate shipping so you can get to work sooner or sourcing that specialist bearing you need, we want you to have a pleasant and satisfying experience shopping with us.

Be Confident in Your Shaft Coupling

For smooth and effective power transmission, try Refast’s range of couplings. Find the perfect fit for your machine and then discover the Refast difference for yourself! Buy yours now.