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Best Roller Bearings in Australia

Roller bearings play a crucial role in machinery, quietly supporting and guiding all those spinning and swivelling parts to ensure everything runs smoothly. These trusty bearings use their rollers to increase precision and reduce friction, resulting in less noise, heat, and energy use and keeping your machines going strong. Here at ReFast, we’ve got an impressive lineup of roller bearings ready to tackle any task. Whether you need heavy-duty industrial roller bearings or something more specialised, we’ve got you covered. Our roller bearing types range from cylindrical to tapered to spherical, ensuring we’ve got just the right fit for your needs. Invest in these tough, reliable rollers and bearings and let them take your machinery to the next level!

Why Should You Roll With Us?

Supported by our experienced team of professionals, ReFast offers a comprehensive and high-quality range of heavy-duty roller bearings, as well as ball bearings, plain bearings, and insert bearings and housings. Suitable for a variety of applications like machinery, automotive and aerospace, ball bearings reduce friction between the inner and outer raceways. Meanwhile, plain bearings are commonly used in applications where low speed and moderate loads are present, such as hinges, pivots and sliding mechanisms. Finally, insert bearings and housings are helpful in applications such as conveyor systems, agricultural machinery, and food processing equipment. Regardless of the type of bearing you need, we’ll sort you out with carefully designed and well-made products delivered straight to your door. With access to an impressive global network, ReFast promises exceptional quality every time.

Smooth, Reliable & Ready To Roll!

Whether you need plain bearings for your drawer or roller bearings for your wheels, we’ve got you covered at ReFast. We’ll also help you out with world-class service from our knowledgeable team, who provide expertise on everything to do with bearings, power transmissions and engineering supplies. Browse our huge range of bearings and bearing accessories online today, and you’ll have what you need in no time!