F204 Flanged Bearing Housing 4-Bolt

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F206 Flanged Bearing Housing 4-Bolt

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F207 Flanged Bearing Housing 4-Bolt

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F208 Flanged Bearing Housing 4-Bolt

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F209 Flanged Bearing Housing 4-Bolt

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F210 Flanged Bearing Housing 4-Bolt

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F211 Flanged Bearing Housing 4-Bolt

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House Your Bearings With Bearing Housings

Is any bearing really that secure without a sturdy housing? Of all the bearing accessories, housings have a case for falling among the most critical. When you’re putting together a big engineering project, you’re going to be working with lots of moving parts—or your project will shudder enough to become the moving part itself. How are you going to lock everything down and ensure all parts stay in one place? Your best bet is often to stabilise those moving parts—aka bearings—with some sturdy bearing housings.

Here’s the thing, though: bearing housings are not one-size-fits-all. In fact, there are many different bearing housing types, each of which you’ll need to assign to corresponding bearings. Luckily for engineers everywhere, Refast not only knows the distinction between different bearing housing types, but also stocks virtually all types imaginable. So, which types would you like to cast your eye over?

A Breakdown of the Varying Bearing Housing Types

At Refast, we’ve curated an exhaustive collection of bearing housing types. Among these is the deceptively named pillow block housing, which is actually very firm and bound to hold bearings in place thanks to its pressed metal make. If you believe good things come in twos, we also issue some housings in pairs, such as our flanged housing duos, available in circular or oval shapes. Browse our shop and you’ll find many variations on flanged housings, some of which have space for two, three, or even four bolts, which you can attach to your project to ensure super stability. Whatever size or configuration you need for whatever you’re working on, you’ll surely find it at Refast.

If none of the above quite match your criteria, perhaps some of our other bearing housing types will. Among our collection also sit snubber block housings, bearing nuts, bearing tab washers, adaptor sleeves, U seals, spacer rings, shaft collars and bearing lock nuts. Have a very specific type of bearing that won’t quite fit the housing mould of anything in our selection? Never fear. You can always speak with our staff, who can special-order in the part you need. Too easy!

Make Refast Your Homebase for Bearing Housings

When you house your bearings, you’re not only ensuring security, but you’re also shielding them from contaminants and damage, as well as maintaining internal lubrication. In a nutshell, you’re maximising the service life and cost-efficiency of whatever bearing you’re locking down and protecting. At Refast, we know all the ins and outs, which is why you can count on us to provide quality bearing accessories. Shop the full collection of bearing housing types available on our online store, and reach out if you need our expert assistance!