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55X85X12TC Oil Seal Metric (55 x 85 x 12)

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The oil seal & o-ring suppliers Australia can trust. High quality seals, gaskets & o-rings to complete your project.

Got an issue with leakage? Whether you’re working on an old car with an oil leak, sealing two water pipes together, or preventing dangerous gas leaks on-site, you’re going to need some reliable oil seals, gaskets or o-rings to get the job done right.

Seals, gaskets & o-rings are used to block the path between two surfaces where liquid or gas could escape. For example, o-rings can be used to prevent the coolant and oil of a car from meeting or combining.

O-rings are placed into a groove for security, then heavily compressed between the two surfaces. By squeezing the o-ring, there is no more room for it to move and in turn, blocks the pathway of the liquid or gas you’re trying to seal. Similarly, oil seals create a sealing mechanism in bores and on shafts which contains the oil and grease on the correct side of the seal. Oil Seals & o-rings are cheap, reliable, and suit all applications from pipe sealing to automotive applications, manufacturing and machine repairs.

At ReFast, we’re one of the biggest oil seal and o-ring suppliers in Australia. We have hundreds of gaskets, seals, and o-rings available to order online, so you can find the right size, get a great deal, and have oil seals and o-rings delivered to your site within days. Browse our collection of cost effective oil seals and o-rings and get a free quote online!

Rubber o-rings and oil Seals for all applications and workshop conditions.

From small DIY projects through to major industrial work, ReFast is your number one choice for o-rings, gaskets, and seals.

Our o-rings and oil seals come in a wide variety of styles, diametres, and materials to meet the requirements of your project. For example, we also have high performance materials available that can withstand heat, pressure, and corrosive chemicals - Oil seals and O rings are available from ReFast in rubber NBR 70 or Viton.

We also have oil seals and o-rings available in both the metric and imperial systems, so you can choose your preferred system while you’re shopping and get to work ASAP upon delivery. No conversions, no confusion - just spot-on o-rings and oil seals to get the job done.

To get a free quote on o-rings, oil seals and gaskets, start adding items to your shopping cart now. We’ll provide a free quote on-the-spot and with bulk ordering discounts available, you can present an accurate, convenient quote to your boss.

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